A short film presented as a UIL Narrative entry, depicting the story of Owen, who reminisces about his past relationship with his former girlfriend, Eleanor. 

Directed by Tessa Kenworthy and Gracie Smith.
Written by Tessa Kenworthy, Gracie Smith, and Loni-Claire Korrot.
Soundtrack selected and performed by Loni-Claire Korrot.
Staring Loni-Claire Korrot, Riley Barton, Joshua Tindell, and Gracie Smith.

Blue November

A poignant narrative entry by Champion High School for the 2019 UIL competition. This touching story centers on Kennedy, a solitary teenager who unexpectedly finds companionship in an unlikely setting. Through an evolving exchange of text messages, Kennedy experiences a revelation - the world isn't as isolated as it seems. This tale beautifully illustrates how connections, whether platonic or romantic, can emerge in the most unexpected moments, offering new perspectives on companionship and belonging.

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